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How to check for paper jam in the HP printer
At times, the paper jam issue occurs in HP Printers. It will benefit you if you get to know how to check for paper jam in HP Printer Paper Jam in HP Printer can be checked in the following ways • Check if the paper tray of the HP printer is not filled, if there are no papers then keep some paper in the tray. Paper jam may also happen if more paper is loaded exceeding the input tray capacity • Then, see if the paper tray is broken or damaged. Damage to paper tray may cause paper jams. Additionally, the tray might not be pushed inside correctly and this too will cause paper jam • Moreover, see that no inferior quality paper is used in the printer. If the paper is wet or soiled your HP printer won’t print and the paper will jam • Likewise, see that the papers are arranged properly in the tray. Disorderly arrangement of papers will result in a paper jam • Also check if there is any damage to the paper-feed rollers. Any damage in the rollers may lead to paper jam • Ensure the paper guides are adjusted correctly. Also, see that they are not damaged or broken. Replace the broken paper guides as soon as possible • Check if the paper settings of the printer and the paper loaded in the tray are different. A paper may jam if the settings are different. Hence, always place the paper that aligns with the printer’s paper settings • Also check if the paper that jammed before has removed, if not immediately remove the jammed paper from the printer • Additionally, see if the printer reset is done as per the schedule. To know more on how to check for paper jam in an HP Printer contact us @ +1-844-876-5110 or visit